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Arts Council plans Arts Fair and Silent Auction

The Eaton Rapids Area Arts Council (ERAAC) is hosting a juried Art Fair and Silent Auction at Red Ribbon Hall during the Dam Festival weekend celebration.

Friday, June 27 a reception will be held in Red Ribbon Hall for the artists and patrons supporting the Art Fair. Starting at noon, the Art Fair and Silent Auction will be held on Saturday, June 28 in Red Ribbon Hall and the adjascent Memorial Park.

Artists who are interested in participating should submit copies of their work for consideration by the jury. ... more

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Tell Your Story

Historical remembrance plays a major role in the life of this community. Local authors like Jean Kline have chronicled the development of Eaton Rapids starting from the early 1800s.

The Eaton Rapids Historical Society has worked tirelessly to preserve the fabric and architecture of our past. Currently, the Historical Society in collaboration with the Downtown Development Authority is restoring the historic Red Ribbon Hall and making it available for community events and artistic celebration.

History is also the living knowledge of people who share the stories of their lives and the memories of their past with one another. We invite visitors to this site to tell their stories about living in the Eaton Rapids area. Using wikki technology, anyone can create an entry that will begin to build the shared remembrance on the web of our community. is supported with a grant from SBSR, Inc.